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Digital Media Content

We assist your business in connecting with your audience, no matter where they are. We create digital advertising campaigns that convey your message while driving traffic to your website, store, or business.

We collaborate with you to bring your brand to life across all digital platforms, from website design and writing to app design and development enabling UAE and Dubai-based businesses to thrive globally through all forms of new media.

Public Relations Campaigns

We assist your business in providing consultancy and campaign services at BearHug using various tools, such as crisis and issues management, reputation management and profile building, media relations and thought leadership. We develop effective communication strategies for these platforms that align with your communication objectives. In addition, our coverage page reflects our enthusiasm for all aspects of a successful public relations campaign and the award accolades that we identify and secure for you and your business.


We can assist you with the marketing collateral required to establish your brand. We provide premium content and graphic design services that address all of your company’s challenges. Business cards, brochures, annual reports, and book design are examples of my work. We create publications for audiences by writing, designing, and supervising their production. So you can use it to raise awareness and drive the adoption of a product. You can rely on it to bring in new, qualified leads.

Event Branding

Since pandemic, the look and feel of events changed dramatically as companies moved live events to virtual spaces. Preparing for an event is never easy. Event branding can be tough as designers strive to balance different tasks. That is why Bearhug is here to help you. You can accomplish this with our event branding service.


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